Courier Services


By Air, we ensure door-to-door express delivery of urgent documents and packages virtually anywhere in the world.

OCS will act as your personal courier by collecting the consignment, completing security and customs requirements, posting the necessary bonds, paying any duties and finally handing over the package.

All you have to do is pick up the phone!

Air Cargo and Freight Forwarding

air cargo

We handle all commercial cargos which require any special handling or special packaging.

We handle Express Cargo movement from door-to-door or airport-to-airport of heavier weight, outsized or special goods.

We also handle General Cargo movement, which is less time-critical, from door-to-door or airport-to-airport of heavier weight, outsized or special goods.

Complete customs clearance is available for both.

Publications Distributions


We offer the import, export, addressing/re-posting and hand delivery of Japanese magazines, catalogues, newspapers and publicity literature in bulk, to both local and international customers.

We are able to distribute the press and serve it on the following day of issue to readers.

This also includes Japanese daily press, periodicals, books, cards, CD's and DVD's.

Customs Brokerage


Customs clearance is automatically included for your overseas shipments unless otherwise requested.

We also offer customs brokerage for clearing imports into the country of destination.

Our team will support the course of the proper customs clearance as well as the completion and preparation of relevant documentation.

Fulfilment Services


We provide for the movement of products to overseas multiple-destination users, including all logistical phases of transport.

OCS can completely manage the delivery cycle, from order processing through end-user receipt.

OCS can accept your fulfillment addresses, product descriptions, and quantity data in a variety of forms and convert into inventory records, ship orders, schedules and itineraries, and printing formats for deliverable address labels, formal air bills, and export documentation.

Trade Shows and University Fairs

trade show

Arranging the logistics to an important event can be incredibly stressful.
Let us take one worry away from you; the shipping of your materials.

Your shipments are fully tracked from receipt until delivery to the venue.
OCS is in close communication with the venues and fair organisers throughout the process.

We offer collection of your materials to our facility for processing.

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