About Us

Capitol Overseas Courier Service (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in 1983 and having been in operation for a few years before that initially as a Proprietorship Company and thereafter as a Partnership Company. Capitol Overseas Courier Service (Pvt) Ltd., is the Exclusive Agent in Sri Lanka and the Maldives for Overseas Courier Service Company Ltd., Tokyo, Japan – the World’s Oldest Courier company. Popularly known as OCS, its main activity is that of a Japanese Newspaper & Magazine delivery and retail courier service, delivering business documents and trade samples with speed, accuracy and utmost care throughout Sri Lanka and the Maldives as well as to almost 200 destinations in the world.

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Our History
  • OCS is a worldwide network specializing in the customized distribution and time-sensitive delivery of international business materials. The OCS "net" links every business capital, on every continent, capable of delivering to 90 countries and over 250 cities.
  • OCS was established in 1957 in Tokyo, Japan, when a consortium of newspaper publishers formulated the concept of a worldwide speed delivery network for their publications.
  • At first, this new OCS service meant next day delivery of "hot" financial news to all major markets in Asia and the Pacific Rim. By 1962, it meant the same overnight service to the U.S., where the new OCS America, Inc. formed to accommodate this inbound volume. Within a few years, our new import-export business matured into a complex multilateral trading pattern between OCS stations on all continents.
  • As OCS evolved, we adapted our network to the movement of all types of business materials, from small documents and software media to hardware systems and commodities.
  • Today, OCS services range from express courier package delivery and heavy airfreight to fulfillment of distribution. Growth of volume and new services has made the OCS organization more complex, but the longevity and prosperity of the company still owe to the OCS principle of good overseas positioning.